Debt Collection & Recovery Authority


Q. How may I reach out to Sage Collection Services regarding a few bad accounts I have right now?
A. You may photocopy the consumer-debtor sheet, patient information sheet, or credit application to us. Alternatively, you may photocopy a descriptive statement or account ledger with amount due circled in red, to us. Mailing or faxing these items will trigger immediate collection action.

Q. How long should I wait before I assign my bad accounts?
A. Every business is different, but after 90 days with no payment, we believe that authoritative action is necessary to resolve the account. We advise that you assign bad checks within one to two weeks after the bank returns them.

Q. Is there a minimum dollar amount or number of accounts I must send?
A. No, but we recommend your account be at least $50.00 at the minimum.

Q. How soon will you start working on my accounts?
A. Our team starts immediately upon receiving your accounts.

Q. How long do you work on accounts?
A. We resolve most accounts in a few months to two years. Work on some accounts may last for eight or nine years.
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